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On Sept 1, 2010 I went to Sorge's Restaurant to enjoy their food. Our service from the waitress, Jenn, was very poor. She did NOT ask us if we needed anything. She asked for our drink orders and before she could even set them down she was already walking away. We had to call her back in order for her to take our appetizer order. After returning with our appetizers we had to call her back AGAIN in order to place our order for food.

She asked what we would like and I asked for a pasta dinner but instead of the house tossed salad if I could get a Caesar salad. She said that it would cost extra and I said that was fine. About twenty minutes later she returned with our salads. Except mine was not a Caesar salad. It was a tossed greens salad with Caesar dressing. I asked her what this was and she said that it was a Caesar salad. I told her that it wasn't but that it was a tossed greens salad and that I did not want it. Mind you this interaction went back and forth for about 2 minutes. With her insisting that it was a Caesar salad. She took the salad with her and left.

Moments later we hear her loudly complaining about our interaction to the other wait staff. She wasn't even in the kitchen, just behind the waitress counter which was in the dining room. Very frustrated at this point my girlfriend and I decided to leave without finishing our meal.

My girlfriend called over the manager and we asked for our bill and that we would like to leave. He said fine and started to walk away. He was no more than three steps away we he comes back and tries to explain that she was helping us out by giving us a tossed greens salad and that I was indeed right that it was not a Caesar salad. He was very agitated and upset that I dare question him when I said well that is not what I ordered. I wanted a Caesar salad. He then told me that he would get my bill and he also told me that he would "help me out the door". I explained that I would love help and my bill.

After the bill was brought to the table I handed the waitress my credit card. She quickly brought it back. We got up to leave when the hostess came over and said "Do you have a problem?" I said yes. Mind you I thought that she was offering to help in this situation. I was wrong. She was pushing me out the door to get rid of me by motioning with her hands to get out.

I have never been so offended in my life by the owner of an establishment. As a business owner myself I would never treat a customer this way, even if they weren't happy with my services. I intend to do a chargeback for the $20.11 charged to my credit card as well as tell everyone and anyone of my horrible experience at this local diner.

Review about: Food.



The customer is very rarely always, if ever, right.You guys act like idiots and then run and cry wolf when employees stick to policy.

Sorry you received bad service, but's a diner.

In New York.Asking for gold star service in that situation is like asking for a hot towel and a massage on a city bus.


What I believe is good service and good food.They had neither.

The customer is always right. Hence that makes me special on planet earth when a paying customer visits your establishment. They deserve the best. I was looking for okay and didn't get that either.

I placed and order and received something entirely different. When questioning this I was met with rudeness. Doesn't seem fair does it?

It isn't like this place is the Soup Nazi.And from what I've heard and what other people have post on other forums the general consensus is that they agree with me.


Sounds to me like yer some stuck up a$$hat who thinks his sh1t doesn't stink.

Come back to planet earth. Contrary to what your mom says you are not that special or important.

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